Calgary is one of the most dynamic cities in Canada, with a thriving economy, excellent quality of life, and a friendly community. Located in western Canada, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and is home to over 1.3 million people.

If you’re thinking of moving to Calgary, there are many reasons why you’ll love living there, and we’ll cover them in this article.

1. Economy and Employment

Calgary’s economy is one of the strongest in Canada, with a low unemployment rate and a high standard of living. The city is a hub for the oil and gas industry, but it also has a diverse economy with many other industries, including technology, finance, and healthcare. 

Calgary is home to many large corporations, including Canadian Pacific Railway, Suncor Energy, and Shaw Communications.

2. Culture and Entertainment

Calgary is a city that loves to celebrate, with many festivals and events throughout the year. The Calgary Stampede is the city’s most famous event, attracting over a million visitors each year. The festival celebrates the city’s Western heritage with rodeos, concerts, and parades. 

Other popular events in Calgary include the Calgary Folk Music Festival, the Calgary International Film Festival, and the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Calgary also has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with many galleries, museums, and theatres. The Glenbow Museum is one of the largest museums in Western Canada, with exhibits on history, art, and culture. 

The Jubilee Auditorium is a popular venue for concerts and theatrical performances, and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is one of Canada’s finest.

3. Outdoor Activities

Calgary is a city that loves the outdoors, with many parks, trails, and green spaces. The city is located near the Rocky Mountains, making it an ideal base for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Banff National Park is just a short drive from Calgary and is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations.

Within the city itself, there are many parks and trails for biking, hiking, and jogging. Fish Creek Provincial Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America, with over 80 kilometres of trails and plenty of wildlife to spot. The Bow River is also a popular spot for fishing and rafting.

4. Education and Healthcare

Calgary is home to many excellent schools, including the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and SAIT Polytechnic. The city’s public school system is also highly regarded, with many top-rated schools.

Calgary is also known for its excellent healthcare system, with many top-rated hospitals and clinics. The Foothills Medical Centre is one of Canada’s largest hospitals and is home to many specialized medical services.

5. Friendly Community

One of the best things about Calgary is its friendly community. The city is known for its welcoming and hospitable residents, who are always happy to help newcomers feel at home. The city has a diverse population, with many different cultures and ethnicities represented.


Calgary is a city that truly has it all. From its thriving economy to its vibrant culture, stunning outdoor spaces, and welcoming community, it’s no surprise that so many people choose to call Calgary home. 

Whether you’re a young professional looking for career opportunities, a family seeking an excellent education system, or an outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure, Calgary has something to offer. So, if you’re thinking of moving to Calgary, you can rest assured that you’ll love living in this dynamic Canadian city.

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